Distance Learning Forum: Interactive Whiteboard

Through the effort of Mr. Fernandez Anderson, the University has acquired twelve (12) interactive whiteboards, which so far is installed in the Faculty of the Built Environment, the Faculty of Science & Sport and the Western Campus.

Mr. Anderson has been sensitizing staff in these areas on how to use the technology. The invitation was extended to other members of the University and the forum was held on October 18th.
DL Forum-FOBE SMARTCLASSROOM-18Oct2018It is our hope that more staff members will integrate this technology into their teaching and learning process.

Please leave a comment below on the creative ways that you think this instructional technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning at UTech, Jamaica.

—the ODL team—

Basic and Intermediate Training Online in Moodle

The Office of Distance Learning continues to offer Basic and Intermediate Training Online. Both online training sessions are Tutor-facilitated, self-paced and competency-based. After the successful completion of each unit you will be awarded a Badge and upon successful completion of the entire course you will receive a Certificate.

Basic Training

We advise that the Basic Training Online is done first if there has been no formal training or introduction to Moodle prior. The Basic Training is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to facilitate the creation of an online module in Moodle.

At the end of the basic training session, participants will be able to:

  • Access and log in to the Sandbox and UTechOnline via the links provided
  • Create and/or edit their profiles
  • Create/set up a blank course shell in the Sandbox
  • Recognize the icons and their purpose
  • Locate and enable the editing feature
  • Add the following activity and resources to the course presentation area
    • Forum
    • File
    • Folder
    • Label
    • Webpage
    • URL
  • Set an enrolment key
  • Assign non-editing roles to faculty members
  • Navigate a course

Intermediate Training

The Intermediate Training aims at providing participants with the requisite training to use the advanced features of Moodle to customize and populate an online course shell. There are various activities within Moodle that can be integrated into a course that allows for student interaction and engagement.

On completion of the intermediate training programme, participants will be able to set up and use the following features to facilitate greater interaction and manage their online modules:

  • Create quizzes in accordance with DL standards
  • Set up different kinds of assignments
  • Create a lesson activity
  • Set up and manage a gradebook
  • Generate reports
  • Create a workshop activity
  • Create a database activity
  • Create a glossary
  • Create a wiki
  • Create games
  • Establish groups within the online module
  • Record attendance
  • Create and use the choice activity to poll students
  • Use the feedback activity to administer surveys and/or solicit feedback
  • Create a book
  • Create a chat

Redesigning the Basic and Intermediate Training Online Offering

The Office of Distance Learning is currently working on redesigning the way in which the Basic and Intermediate Training online are being offered. The aim is essentially to better captivate the attention and interest of the persons taking the online training through the use of a more interactive platform to be integrated in Moodle. The name of this platform is Articulate Storyline which is compatible with Moodle. Articulate Storyline is an e-learning authoring software which helps to simplify every aspect of course authoring and e-learning development.

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