Developing the 10x Approach

The 10x approach is a mindset we all need. The good thing is; it fits any job description. You can be a caterer, caretaker or as most of you who will read this- lecturers (or close enough). The approach is one widely used by Google and is all about making whatever solution you are developing ten times better, instead of marginal shifts. sales-forecasting-tips-e1411053827606[1]Here is an excerpt from one of their publications:

The notion of “10x thinking” is at the heart of how we innovate at Google. To put
the idea simply: true innovation happens when you try to improve something by
10 times rather than by 10%.
Astro Teller’s job title is Captain of Moonshots at Google X—the division of Google
that focuses on producing major technological advances, like self-driving cars.
Teller describes 10x thinking this way: “If you want cars to run at 50 mpg, fine, you
can retool your car a little bit. But if I tell you a car has to run on a gallon of gas for
500 miles, you have to start over.”
In other words, a 10x goal forces you to rethink an idea entirely. It pushes you
beyond existing models and forces you to totally re-imagine how to approach it.
Google Glass is an example of 10x thinking in action. Rather than focus on small
improvements to the mobile devices we’re all familiar with—our smartphones—we
set out to entirely rethink the mobile experience, deliver hands-free information and
let users “talk” with the Internet via natural-language voice commands. That led us
to re-imagine the form factor and tackle all sorts of design and operability issues
and use cases.
As we do our daily tasks developing online courses, or even face-to-face classes; any task that is meant to help other individuals- lets see how we can acheive it 10x. The results will be truly rewarding on both sides.