Basic Training in Designing a Moodle Course is online!

Let’s Go BTO!!

Course Overview

The course is competency-based, tutor facilitated and is somewhat self-paced. All work will be completed and submitted online but will be assessed by the course facilitator and feedback sent to participants. The course takes approximately four (4) hours to complete but will remain open for two weeks after the start date. The course setting includes activity completion, that is, some activities must be marked complete before others can be accessed. The competencies are based on the activities required to complete a basic three unit MOODLE course populated with resources and one activity.
The skills and knowledge areas are assessed and badges are awarded for submitted pieces that have met the criteria stated in the rubric. The affective domain is noted through the participant’s expression in the forums and reflections.


The competencies for the course are clearly outlined on the course page and the rubrics are presented as a part of each assignment.
1. Initialize an online course by editing the required and desired features in the structure of the course (writing on the course presentation area)
2. Populate the course with resources
•embed a video on both a page and a label
•add labels
•compose a webpage
•link to a webpage by adding a URL page
•add files to the appropriate course unit
•create a folder and populating with multiple files
3. Apply Interactivity to course
•create a forum
•locate, edit and save student enrolment key
•assign role and add teacher or non-editing teacher to course


On successful completion of each unit a badge is awarded. On obtaining a pass mark on the quiz, a badge is also awarded. The certificate will not be issued unless the badges have all been earned. Whereas, the participant is free to download a certificate at the end of the course, the Office of Distance Learning will be responsible for producing the authentic copy of the certificate.


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