One thought on “Distance Learning Forum – Online Modules: Requirements and Perspectives

  1. Introduction to accessibility
    1. The topic is new to the reader in terms of the concept. The reader has never given much thought about accessibility for persons with disabilities and learning challenges to online course content. Access is one thing however the ease of access in another component.

    2. The information was very useful and relevant to the reader as training providers much be cognizant of the needs of the disabled community; it becomes imperative that policy makers and drivers of training and education take a closer look at the strategies to be devised and implemented to ensure inclusiveness of the aforementioned community. The reader will now have to lobby for her organization to surge ahead with greater alacrity on catering wholesomely to the disabled community especially with the existing online content.

    3. In terms of other details it would have be a bonus to mention the extent to which legislation has impacted the drive for UID approach to be mandatory in all training institutions that provide online courses. Additionally, a sample demonstration of Universal Design works for persons with disabilities and learning challenges, as well as more details on how to create access for persons living with disabilities; some sources for information or access to online portals that are using UID.
    Interestingly I am not seeing UID on our online portal, is there a special icon to be selected on the UTECH online portal?

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